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Home is Where the HRT is.

Healthcare can be intimidating, frustrating, and confusing.  So many decisions are made for you.  As the consumer, you feel like you should have more say in the direction of your care. 

Getting to your appointments is a struggle. Whether it's dealing with traffic, trying to arrange a ride, or sitting in a waiting room for your turn.  Why bother dealing with all these barriers?  

You are most comfortable in your own space, your own home.  Home is where the heart is, and Home is where Home Reinvigoration and Training (HRT) can serve you.  We will work with you, creating your ideal treatment plan, all in your own home-setting.         


Payment Options:

Private Payment

We currently provide services on a private-pay basis.  What does that mean?  You contact us for therapy services and pay on a cash-based fee-for-service agreement. We provide you with an initial assessment and suggested treatment plan; You determine how many visits you want, and how frequently you want them.  It's that simple.   Contact us, today, for more information and a free assessment.  

Insurance Payment

We are participating providers with the following insurance plans:

  • Medicare

  • UHA Health Insurance

  • No-Fault Insurance

We are working our participation status with other insurances.  Please stay tuned, as we update our status!  


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